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10 Cool Internet Tricks You Didn’t Know About

10 Cool Internet Tricks

The internet as we know is filled with lots and lots of information which we can access with just a few clicks. Browsing can really be fun and exciting when you have some cool tricks up your sleeves. These tricks will make save you time and give you quicker results.

In this article, I will teach you some cool tricks you can use when surfing the internet.

Using browser as notepad

Your web browser can be used as a notepad and to make notes whiles browsing. All you have to do is copy this code below into your address bar and hit enter.


Adding .com to website

Now you don’t have to enter the full URL of a website in order to visit it. If the website ends with .com, all you need to do is to press CTRL+ENTER on your keyboard. This will automatically add .com to the website domain name.

So for example instead of typing kwesiarko.com, just type Kwesi and press CTRL+ENTER to add the .com and take you straight to my site.

Performing reverse image search

Instead of going through the long and boring process of right-clicking on an image and selecting “Search Google for this image” to perform a reverse image research, just hold S on your keyboard and right click on the image.

You can also drag the image into the Google search bar to perform a reverse image search.

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Reopening last closed tab

In case you mistakenly closed a tab and want to reopen it immediately, press CTRL+SHIFT+T on your keyboard and your last closed tab will pop up immediately. This is far better than right clicking on the tabs and selecting “Reopen last closed tabs”.

Opening Link In A New Tab

To open a link in a new tab, users used to right click on the link and then select open link in new tab. This I believe is too long a process. So to make this faster, hold CTRL on your keyboard and click on the link to instantly open it in a new tab.

Identifying Font Used In An Image

If you’ve downloaded an image with text on your PC and you want to know the type of font used in the image, go to WhatTheFont and upload the image there. The website will tell you the font used in the image.

Opening Incognito browser

Browsing in incognito means your browsing history is not recorded. To go incognito in Google Chrome and Opera, press CTRL+SHIFT+N on your keyboard.

Extracting text from scanned documents

So you’ve scanned your documents and want to extract the text from the scanned image, what do you do? Simply visit Free OCR or Online OCR to get it done.

Check whether a website is safe or not for browsing

Hackers use various ways to trick people into giving them their information. It is not therefore not advisable to give out your information on any website without knowing whether the website is safe for browsing or whether your information is secured.

To determine whether the website you’re browsing is safe, enter this in your address bar http://www.google.com/safebrowsing/diagnostic?site=kwesiarko.com and click enter.

Remember to change kwesiarko.com to your website domain name.

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Finding direct download link for your music

I know sometimes it can be really difficult when trying to download music files. You end up browsing lots of sites with numerous pop-under ads. To get rid of all the hustle you face when it comes to downloading your favorite audio files, search intitle:index.of?mp3 Your song name here to get the download link of the music.

These simple and easy tips will make your use of the internet more fun and also save you lots of precious time.


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