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12 Awesome Android 9 Pie Features You Need To Try

Android 9 Pie

Tell you what, Android 9 Pie isn’t just another update by Google. It is designed to enable Android users to use their phones in an awesome way with a whole new experience. Android 9 Pie is currently available for Google Pixel devices. It will be rolled out and made available to other Android phones very soon.

Once you get it on your android phone, you’ll experience a more dynamic way to use your android device and trust me, you’ll love it. You know what, enough of the intro, lets dive into some of the awesome features of Android 9 Pie.

  1. New Navigational Gestures

Android 9 Pie

Android 9 Pie boasts of more navigational gestures, which is something Google took out of iPhoneX ‘s page. The only difference is that the features on Android 9 Pie are more refined – based on my personal experience. The home button has been changed into a slim dash and it shows your recent apps in full-screen preview when slid up. A second slide will bring all your apps screen.

This was designed with the idea of phones getting longer hence this will make it easier to operate your phone with one hand.

2. Interactive recent apps

Android 9 Pie

That new horizontal app switcher gives you more than just full-screen previews of your recently used apps. It’s also a multitasking booster. This Overview mode now supports Quick Text Selection, meaning you can copy text from one app to paste in another — helpful if you’re jumping back and forth between looking up something in Chrome and writing an email about your findings to a friend. You can also select a band’s name in Chrome to then launch one of their songs in Google Play Music.

3. App Actions

Android 9 Pie

Past versions of Android have tapped into Google’s machine-learning prowess to make proactive suggestions, like of an app you’re particularly prone to use. Android 9 Pie takes that up another notch with App Actions, which predict what you actually want to do with an app.

Actions are based around Android 9 Pie noticing particular patterns in how you use your phone. Call your boss every day at a particular time of day? Android will start suggesting that action. Or if you connect a pair of headphones to your phone, Android might suggest that you resume listening to the last song you were playing. Software makers will get the chance to add support for App Actions to their apps as well, though that’s likely to happen only after Android 9 Pie reaches more phones.

4. App Slices

Android 9 Pie

App Slices operate under the same idea as App Actions; only here, it’s a way for developers to make parts of their app show up in search results. In an example, Google likes to give, say you use that repositioned search bar to search for “Lyft.” In addition to the app itself showing up, specific actions will pop up that let let you book a ride home or to work or check ride-hailing prices. Think of Slices as a way to make it easier to access the most important functions of particular apps.

As exciting as Slices potentially seems, you’ll have to wait a little bit for it, even if you get Android Pie up and running on your Pixel. Google says the new feature won’t arrive until the fall.

5. Smarter battery use

Android 9 Pie

Not all apps on your phone deserve equal time, and Android 9 Pie wants to make sure they don’t get an equal claim to your smartphone’s battery, either. The Adaptive Battery feature in the new OS decides which apps can draw power based on the ones you use the most; rarely used apps get limited battery access. Google claims the feature can reduce CPU app wake-ups by 30 percent, which should help your phone last longer between charges.

6. Do Not Disturb improvements

Android 9 Pie

Want to really put an end to your phone beeping and buzzing at you when you need to focus? A Shush feature in Android 9 Pie will automatically enable Do Not Disturb features when you place your phone face down on the table. That means no pings, vibrations or notifications. Contacts you’ve starred will still be able to get through to you in case there’s an emergency.

7. Better notification management

Android 9 Pie

If there’s one app that keeps pinging you with notifications you unceremoniously dismiss, Android 9 Pie is smart enough to notice. After a while, you’ll be asked if you’d just rather turn off notifications from that particular app altogether. Long-pressing on the notification takes you directly to the app’s notification settings, in case you want to take notification management into your own hands.

8. A smarter display

Android 9 Pie

Batteries aren’t the only things adapting to your usage patterns in Android 9 Pie. Your display will also adjust, thanks to a new feature coming to the OS. Adaptive Brightness learns how you like to set the brightness slider on your phone’s display given the ambient conditions. Over time, it learns to make those adjustments for you automatically, saving you from having to manually change brightness levels.

9. The search bar’s new home

Android 9 Pie

Android 9 Pie’s redesign moves the Google search bar to the bottom of the screen. That way, it’s always within reach of your fingers — another navigational change Google made with an eye toward phones with more-expansive screens.

10. Rotation controls

Android 9 Pie

Some phone users like to keep the orientation of their phone screens locked to prevent them from inadvertently shifting between landscape and portrait views at the mere flick of a wrist. That’s a fine enough approach, right up until the point where you’d prefer to see an email or photo in a different orientation.

Android 9 Pie adds a handy icon that pops up when your phone’s orientation changes; tap it, and you can manually override any lock without having to dive into your phone’s settings.

11. Better volume controls

Android 9 Pie

With Android 9 Pie, gone are the days of pressing the volume rocker on your phone only to change the volume of notification alerts instead of Janelle Monae’s latest. In the updated OS, the volume buttons adjust media-playback volume by default.

12. Screenshot improvements

Android 9 Pie

Press and hold the power button in Android 9 Pie, and you’ll be able to take a screenshot by tapping the shortcut that appears on screen. Android Pie also adopts an iOS 11 feature by giving you quick-edit access to screenshots. Tap an edit button on the screenshot preview, and markup tools will appear that let you annotate the image to your heart’s delight.

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