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5 Blogging Secrets Successful Bloggers Will Never Tell You

blogging secrets

Bloggers always have a way of making you see what they want you to. They are able to paint a particular picture for you to accept and believe. Some publish their traffic stats, income reports and other screenshots that make them look good online.

What they refuse to add to these screenshots is the hard work that went into attaining such numbers. This makes others think that becoming a blogger is a fast way to riches hence everyone wants to be a blogger.

Before you decide to get into the blogging business to make money, take a look at what the successful bloggers you look up to do not tell you about the blogging business.

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What most newbie bloggers do not know is that blogging requires a lot of monetary investment –one thing successful bloggers do not tell you. You need to invest money to make money.

You need money to pay for hosting, pay a developer to develop your blog, pay graphic designers, and sometimes pay for traffic. Every aspect of your blog needs a bit of investment for it to be successful. If you don’t plan on investing money in your blog then don’t start one.

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Yes, blogging is time-consuming and I sometimes wish I had 48 hours a day. Money and time go together. Therefore, once you begin to invest money in your blog, then be prepared to invest your time as well.

You need time to build your blog audience, social media accounts, content, backlinks, etc. There is no way your blog will move from level one to level ten overnight. We all wish that was the case but the hard truth is, running a blog is very time-consuming.


There are millions of blogs online and each day thousands are created. So the question is, how do you get noticed in such a crowded blogosphere? Well, the answer is marketing. You can have the best blog with the best of content but if you don’t market it, no one will notice you.

Marketing your blog has now been made easy with the help of social media but that also requires time to be able to adjust to the constant change in the algorithm.

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Networking is very important no matter the space you find yourself in. Networking with bloggers in your field will give your blog traction. You can tap into their audience and get free backlinks with guest posts.

So make it a point to create a relationship with bloggers in your niche and even outside your niche. You might never know who will recommend you for that big gig.


You can easily get frustrated and even want to give up on your blog when you are made to believe that blogging is a bed of roses. Every successful blogger made one mistake or the other. Even if you have a successful blogger as a mentor, you’re still bound to make mistakes.

What you have to know is, mistakes are allowed hence they shouldn’t discourage you from attaining your goal. Making mistakes and learning from them will rather help propel you into your success faster. Some mistakes might even cost you money but that shouldn’t make you quit.

I believe this post has given you a clear picture of what goes on behind the great traffic stats and income reports you see online. Blogging requires constant learning and is not always rosy.

This post isn’t to discourage you from getting into blogging but rather to give you a clear insight of what blogging is all about and also to inspire you to chase your blogging dreams.

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