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Data Of 540 Million Facebook Users Leaked To Third-Parties

facebook data leak

It’s a new day and Facebook is in the news again for another data breach scandal. The social media network has been found leaking data of millions of users to third-parties. According to a report by Research Firm UpGuard, two sets of user data have been exposed and made public.

The first set comes from the Mexico-based media company Cultura Colectiva. With a size of around 146GB, the data file had data of more than 540 million users, comprising information such as comments, likes, reactions, account names, Facebook IDs and more.

facebook data breach
Image: UpGuard

The second set contained data backup of Facebook’s in-app, dubbed At The Pool, and was found lying disclosed on Amazon’s cloud-based storage, Amazon S3 bucket.

Though the second set was not as big as the first one, it stored around 22,000 users’ passwords in plain text and included other other information such as likes, comments, Facebook friends, music, movies, events, check-ins, relationship status, and more about the users.

facebook data breach
Image: UpGuard

While the passwords were that of the At The Pool app, its exposure becomes a problem for users who have a tendency of going by the “one password for all” rule.

One thing worth noting is that the At The Pool app was pulled back in 2014, and it’s weird how the users’ data is still found lingering around the internet for the malicious attackers to misuse it.

As the news popped up, Amazon and Facebook made sure the data stored on Amazon’s cloud storage is secured.

Since the Cambridge Analytica debacle last year, Facebook has been embroiled in data breaches, and despite its acclaimed concentration on measures to be taken, it comes as no surprise that we are reading about another such data leak again.

Credit: fossbytes

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