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Facebook Messenger Gets an Unsend Feature

Facebook Messenger Gets an Unsend Feature

Facebook has come out with a feature that lets you delete messages from a conversation after you’ve sent them, as previously spotted in leaks. So in case you send the wrong message to the wrong person or make an egregious typo, you’ll be able to remove it in Messenger now.

It works when you tap on the message you want to delete within 10 minutes of sending it. Two options will appear: Remove for Everyone and Remove for You. Selecting Remove for Everyone replaces your message with text that the message has been removed by you.

To remove a message, simply tap on it and select the “Remove for everyone” option that pops up. The deleted text will be replaced by an alert indicating that the message was removed.

If someone’s just sent a bunch of pictures from their vacation to a group conversation you’re a part, and you don’t want to see them while you’re stuck at your desk, select the “Remove for me” option after tapping on a message. This will only hide the selected messages from your view, and not for others in the group.

This feature is rolling out for both iOS and Android apps starting today. On Messenger’s web app, you can remove messages by hovering over the button with three dots alongside your chat bubbles, and clicking on the ‘Remove’ button to clear them.

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