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Facebook NewsFeed Algorithm Now Demotes Sites With Stolen Content


Facebook is rolling out a new newsfeed algorithm to demote websites that copy and publish content from other websites without rewriting or editing it. The social media giant made this announcement exclusively to TechCrunch.

According to Facebook, websites with stolen content, click-bait headlines and landing pages with tons of ads will have their links shown less in the Newsfeed. This new update came to being after a survey by Facebook suggested that users hate seeing stolen content in their Newsfeed.

Once websites with scrapped content begin to receive less Facebook traffic, it will eventually affect revenue. This Facebook believes will make content scrapping less attractive and also encourage people to create original content.

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In a Facebook addendum to a post it made last year, it wrote, “Starting today, we’re rolling out an update so people see fewer posts that ink out to low-quality sites that predominantly copy and republish content from other sites without providing unique value. We are adjusting our Publish Guidelines accordingly,”

Are you wondering how Facebook will detect stolen content? Well, let me tell how it works. Facebook has systems in place to compare content for potential resemblance or similarities. The degree of resemblance determines whether the article was stolen or not.

After that, it uses another system to determine whether the title is clickbaity and also to check the quality and quantity of ads on the page.

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