Facebook Rolls Out New Feature That Uses AI


Facebook will today roll out a new feature to make its newsfeed more interesting. This new feature will allow users post photos with 3D effect. However, the photos will not be actual 3D. Meaning, you won’t be able to spin the photo and view it from all angles.

But then the photos will have depth and you can see it from different angles. This feature will soon be available to every user but not everyone will be able to take 3D shots because you’ll need a phone with dual cameras to be able to do that.

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Once you take the photo, Facebook will use its AI to render the photo 3D by painting the parts of the photo that wasn’t captured by your camera. For better 3D shots, Facebook recommends users keep their subjects three or four feet away from them and also have things in the foreground and background.

Facebook 3D Photos

The 3D photos can be viewed on mobile and desktop news feed by everyone and also with VR glasses through Oculus Go’s browser or Firefox on Oculus Rift can tap/click and drag or move their head to see the photo’s depth.

3D photos are rolling out for everyone to view today, and the ability to upload one is rolling out to everyone in the coming weeks.

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