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How To Create Strong Passwords That Are Difficult To Crack

How To Create Strong Passwords

Keeping your online accounts secured is very important especially in an era where hacking is rampant. This wasn’t the case some decades ago when the internet was available for a few people and very few of them had online accounts.

Technology has made it possible for hackers to come up with various hacking and social engineering techniques that allow them to hack accounts of unassuming people by tricking them. This has, therefore, made the need for a very strong password a necessity.

Various online platforms do not even allow users to use simple words and dictionary terms for their passwords. This is because such words can be easily cracked by password cracking tools.

So in this post, I will walk you through the process of creating a very strong password which is impossible to hack and also easy to remember.

Begin with alphabets

The first step is to start with alphabets. Don’t use any word that can be found in the dictionary. You can begin with the name of a relative, however, it shouldn’t be a name that is known such as John or Emmanuel. Such names are easy to guess and crack.

If you can’t find a name to use, you can merge two words into one to create a word that cannot be found in the dictionary. For example, you can merge static together with dignity to form statignity or any word that’s out of this world. I hope you get the drift.

Now throw in some numbers

When it comes to numbers, the first thing that comes to mind is your phone number or date of birth. Using your phone number or date of birth for your password is a very bad decision. Such passwords can be cracked with ease.

The best thing is to use random numbers. Don’t put the numbers next to the alphabets like this – statignity123. Rather mix them up with the alphabets like stati12gni3ty.

Spice it up with some symbols

I always add symbols to my passwords. Symbols such as $, #, &! etc. make your passwords impossible, and I repeat impossible to hack. The only way your symbol-infused password can be hacked is when you give out the password yourself.

In case you don’t know where to add the symbol in your password, you can try something like this – stati@12gni3ty! (I guess you can feel the strength in the password already)

Also, don’t forget to make some of the letters uppercase. It’s not good to have a password with only lower cases, neither is it good to use uppercases throughout. It’s always good to mix them up to make your password even stronger. Some online portals require users to include uppercases in their passwords. With that in mind, our password will look like this Stati@12Gni3ty!

The length of your password solely depends on you. However, it’s best to keep it between 12 to 20 characters.

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So, how do I remember all my passwords?

I sometimes forget my passwords because there are lots of them. I know you have faced that problem before but if you haven’t then you’re a genius.

To help remember your passwords, you can use web browsers like Google Chrome. It has an option that lets you save your passwords and other details such as credit card information. These credentials are fully encrypted and tied to your Gmail account. So wherever you log in to your Gmail account on a chrome browser, you can have access to all your passwords.

You can also use password management apps such as DashLane, LastPass, TrueKey and iCloud Keychain to manage your passwords.

If there are other tips you’ll like to add, do well to drop them in the comment section below.

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