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How To Fake It Till You Make It As A Newbie Blogger

How To Fake It Till You Make It As A Newbie Blogger

There are those who blog for fun and there the ones who have taken blogging as a full-time job. Blogging full time can be a real struggle especially when you’re a newbie blogger. The need to build a massive following around your new blog can be very challenging, to say the least.

All your efforts to promote your new blog often proves futile and you’re sometimes faced with the idea to quit. The internet is already littered with numerous blogs, some of which have been abandoned by their owners due to the lack of results.

When you visit a blog with that has massive readership and engagements in the comment section, you’ll be forced to stay and read an article or two. This is because the evidence or proof suggests that the blog is worth reading.

That’s exactly what this article is about, giving people proof that your blog is well known with evidence that suggests that you have a successful blog which is worth reading. This is to help you build your blog until you become the professional and successful blogger you’ve always wanted to be.

Use your own domain name and hosting

I know that being a newbie blogger is hard and that includes getting money to purchase your domain name and hosting. But if you indeed want people to take you seriously as a blogger then you need to get your own domain name.

It’s better to present your name as kwesiarko.com and not kwesiarko.blogspot.com or kwesiarko.wordpress.com. I don’t pay attention to such blogs and neither will anyone. Getting your own domain name and hosting is one sure way of making your potential readers see you as a professional and serious blogger.

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Have a professional email address with your domain name

Yes, you need to have an email address with your domain name such as info@kweisarko.com or support@kwesiarko.com. That will make you look more professional instead of having kwesiarko@yahoo.com or kwesiarko@gmail.com as your blog email address. Nothing looks more unprofessional than a blog with kwesiarko@gmail.com as its email address.

People will feel reluctant in sending you messages and that could cost you some deals. You can set up your professional email address via your website host; another reason why you need your own host.

Post Regularly

Blogs that are not updated look forgotten and no reader will waste his or her time on such a blog. Posting regularly will give people the idea that you have an active blog which people visit. Even if you have few visits on your blog, continue to post content regularly and trust me, it will surely pay off.

Add your social media accounts to your blog

A professional blogger is one who has business social media accounts. So if you want to be seen as a professional blogger, I suggest you set up business social media accounts for your blog. Don’t use your personal account.

Set up Facebook business pages, Instagram business account, Twitter accounts and all other social media accounts you can manage.

Once you have all that set up, link them to your blog and include them in your contact details.

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You can manipulate views and share counts sometimes

The human nature is such that, we always want to be a part of something successful and that includes reading from a successful blog. By successful I mean a blog with thousands of views and shares on posts clearly displayed.

This makes readers feel they belong to a large community of readers. Some might even be forced to share your blog post once they see the vast number of shares on that post. The good thing is, there are plugins that can be used to manipulate these figures.

You can easily increase the number of views and shares on your post to tens of thousands hence making readers believe that you have a popular blog. You can continue faking the views and shares counts until you actually begin making them.

Have you done anything to fake it till you make it on your blog? Please share your opinions with us in the comments section below.

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