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How To Reduce Mobile Internet Data Usage On Android

How To Reduce Mobile Internet Data Usage On Android

Day in day out, I see my friends complain on social media about how their internet service provider is ‘stealing’ their internet data. Some have a genuine cause to complain, others also have no idea that they are the reason their internet data doesn’t last.

What you have to know is that, the days when text is all you see when you browse the internet are over. The internet is now filled with text, images, and videos. Apps have also become data reliant and consume lots of data.

That means the 1 GB data which is supposed to last you a month might get exhausted within a week or two. All these make it difficult to reduce your internet data usage but that doesn’t mean it’s not possible.

Below are tried and tested ways to help you reduce and save data on your android device.


Android has inbuilt settings that allow users to limit their data usage. Setting a limit on how much data you consume is a sure way of reducing the amount of data you use. To do this, go to Settings and navigate to Data. Select limit mobile data usage and set the limit. Once you hit the limit you set, your mobile data will be automatically turned off.

These features look different depending on the type of phone you use. Nonetheless, the functions are all the same.

How To Reduce Mobile Internet Data Usage On Android


There are apps that are designed to run even when you’re not using your phone. These apps consume your internet data. Those who don’t know about these background apps will blame their internet service providers for ‘stealing’ their data.

Restricting app background data will not cause your phone to malfunction because not all apps have to run in the background.

To restrict app background data, got to settings and select data usage. Scroll down and you’ll see all your apps and the amount of data each is consuming. Tap on an app to see a breakdown of the data it consumes both in the foreground and in the background.

Foreground data refers to the data the app consumes when you are using it whiles background data is the data the app consumes when your phone is inactive. If the app in question is consuming too much background data, turn off the background data button.

Some phones represent it as ‘restrict app background data’. Once that’s done, the app will only use data when you are using it.

How To Reduce Mobile Internet Data Usage On Android


Automatic app updates are one of the causes of high internet data consumption. Disabling this feature will save you a lot of data. To enable this, open your Playstore app and go to settings, tap on Auto-update apps and select Auto-update apps over Wi-Fi only from the options. With this option selected, your apps will be automatically updated when you’re connected to a Wi-Fi network. That means your mobile data will not be used to update your apps.

How To Reduce Mobile Internet Data Usage On Android


Most Android users including myself use Google Chrome as our default browser. Chrome has an inbuilt feature that enables users to reduce data consumption. When this feature is enabled, Google will pass your traffic through a proxy to compress and optimize your data before sending it to your phone.

This reduces the amount of data you consume when using the browser and also makes pages to load faster. To use this feature, open Chrome and tap on the three dots at the top right corner. Scroll down to Settings from the drop down, navigate to Data saver and turn it on.

How To Reduce Mobile Internet Data Usage On Android

This feature doesn’t only help you save data, it also protects you from malware and other malicious pages when surfing the net.

With all these features enabled, be rest assured that your data will last longer. If you have other ways of reducing mobile internet data, do well to share your ideas with us in the comments section.

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