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Huawei Confirms The Name Of Its New OS

Huawei has already confirmed that it is preparing an operating system to replace Android, but it still does not yet reveal its name, as rumors say it will be known as HongMeng OS in China.

But, the fact is that the company, of course, Huawei has also registered the new Ark OSbrand in Europe, which should only be released in late 2019 or early 2020.

And not only that even it has been requested to register five brands in Europe, and here they are, Huawei Ark OS, Huawei Ark, Ark, Ark OS, and Huawei Ark Compiler. Applications were made on 24 May at the EUIPO (European Union Intellectual Property Office).

While the well-known Chinese media portals say that Chinese smartphone manufacturer, Huawei has been testing a system known as HongMeng OS, with plans to use it gradually as a replacement for Android.

The name itself may sound a bit strange, hence, the all-new “Ark OS” would be more suitable outside of China.

According to the well-known media portal China Business Network, the all-new operating system of the Chinese smartphone maker, Huawei could run all the Android applications and, if they are recompiled to run natively, they will perform up to 60% more efficiently, it is possible that the “Ark Compiler” will do that.

Ark OS

The head of the consumer electronics division, of Huawei, Richard Yu stated that the all-new OS of Huawei will include AppGallery, an alternative to the Google Play Store which comes pre-installed on its handsets outside China since last year.

However, the executive stresses, that the system will only be released if the company continues to be prevented from using Google and Microsoft products.

Hence, do not expect to see the all-new operating system of Huawei, the Ark OS anytime soon. As according to the head of the consumer electronics division, of Huawei, Richard Yu, the operating system should be ready in the fourth quarter of 2019 for launch in China. While now if we talk about the global version, then let me clarify that the global version of Ark OS would reach in the first or second quarter of 2020.

While recently, a Middle East executive of Huawei told that the all-new Ark OS would already be ready for launch in June. The company quickly denied this, reiterating that it could be ready by the end of 2019 for China, and internationally by 2020, of course, the global version.

Credit: techviral.net

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