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Samsung Reveals Its Foldable Smartphone Plus Specifications

Samsung Reveals Its Foldable Smartphone

After weeks and weeks of teasing, Samsung has finally revealed its much anticipated foldable smartphone. The Korean company made the revelation at its 2018 Samsung Developer Conference. They only showed a prototype of the phone, however, it gave everyone a clear idea of how the final product will look like.

Samsung calls its foldable phone technology the Infinity Flex Display, and the phone itself has a tablet-sized screen that can be folded up to fit into a pocket.


Users will be able to run three apps simultaneously on the foldable smartphone with the aid of a technology Samsung calls multi-active window.

According to Samsung, their display is super-durable and one can fold it hundreds of thousands of times.

Google is also officially supporting these new foldable devices with Android, and it’s working closely with Samsung for the launch of this phone next year.

Samsung isn’t the only phone maker working on foldable devices, though. Huawei reportedly plans to release a foldable handset next year. Lenovo and Xiaomi have also started teased their own prototypes, and LG is also working on flexible OLED displays and TVs that roll up into a box.

Samsung Foldable Smartphone Specifications

Samsung did reveal some new information about the planned device, including pixel density, screen size, and aspect ratio in both the folded and unfolded modes.

Pixel density is a standard 420 ppi, which is not the highest out there, but perfectly fine. Resolution, when folded, is 840 x 1960, but 1536 x 2152 when unfolded. The aspect ratios, however, are the more interesting specs here.

The folded, phone version of the Infinity Flex has a 4.58-inch display with an aspect ratio of 21:9, which would make it pretty much the tallest device on the market and probably not the greatest screen for game-playing, video viewing, or anything like that.

The unfolded, tablet version is clearly the primary mode for those types of activities, as it has a more standard 4.2:3 aspect ratio and a screen size of 7.3 inches.

Other specifications will be made available once the device is launched next year.

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