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Things You Should Know Before You Start A Blog

Start A Blog

I always love to help newbie bloggers as much as I can because I was once a newbie hence I know their struggle. The internet is filled with lots and lots of information on how to set up a blog and sometimes the information can be overwhelming.

Most of them cut right to the chase and tell you how to set up a blog and make money. What they fail to tell you are the things you need to know or do before you decide to take up blogging as a career and even make a living out of it. You’re bound to fail if you don’t get your foundation right before setting up a blog.

So in this post, I will outline some things you need to do and know before you begin your blogging career.

Know that blogging is hard work and not for the lazy

I am sure you have seen bloggers share their income reports on YouTube, Facebook or even on their blogs. The figures can sometimes be unbelievable but you believe them anyway and wish you had a blog as successful as theirs.

This can even motivate you into setting up your blog as soon as possible with the hopes that you’ll be making thousands of dollars right away.

What they don’t tell you is the amount of hard work behind those huge income reports they display. Running and maintaining a successful blog requires a lot of hard work, consistency, knowledge and of course money. You have to learn to treat your blog as a real business an approach it as such.

So be prepared to work your ass and invest time and money if you plan on making money with your blog.

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Always use a self-hosted blogging platform

I have made this point in previous posts and I still want to drum it home because it is very important. I know that starting out as a newbie is very difficult especially when it comes to money.

But you have to understand that, in business, you have to make certain sacrifices and that includes paying for your own hosting service even with your last dime. I remember the days when I had to use the last money I had to buy internet data so I can update my blog.

You have control over your blog and its content when you are on a self-hosted platform. Monetizing your blog is even easier on a self – hosted platform as compared to a free platform. You just have to find a good hosting service, choose a plan, install WordPress and you’re good to go. In case you don’t know how to set up a WordPress blog, I can help you with that.

At least offer one service on your blog

You can start making money with your blog before it reaches its peak by offering other services. I offer lots of services such as web development, graphic designing, social media marketing, sponsored posts, among others.

If you are blogging as a hobby then go ahead and publish content for your audience. But if you want to make a living with your blog then be ready to render other services for extra income.

You can begin with a skill you are good at or learn a skill, master it and get paid to render it as a service. With the help you Youtube, you can learn anything you want to. I started out as a creative writer and graphic designer. I later taught myself web development, social media marketing and even blogging via YouTube. So you can also do same.

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Don’t blog for yourself, blog for your audience.

This might sound confusing but it is very simple. When I say don’t blog for yourself, I mean don’t create content that you like or think is ok for your audience but rather create content that your audience really likes and will engage with.

You can find this out by testing a few content ideas to determine which one they engaged with the more. You can also ask your audience via polls or questionnaire to determine the type of content they like to read.

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Don’t try to be perfect.

I’m sure by now you know that no one perfect and that even flaws the saying that ‘practice makes one perfect’. So don’t try to get everything perfectly in place before you start blogging. There is nothing like a perfect niche or a perfect blog layout or theme.

I faced this problem when I was starting out. I wanted to get everything perfectly in place. I changed my blog theme more than 5 times, changed my blog theme so many times all in the name of getting that perfect blog and niche.

I don’t want you to repeat my mistake. Don’t worry if your blog is not looking like that of your mentor. All you need is to produce quality content consistently. The growth of your blog depends on your content and not your blog layout or niche.

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Create and stick to your blog schedule

I didn’t know about this when I started out and I learned that the hard way. Every successful blog works with a blog schedule. Always remember that consistency is the key when it comes to blogging. You need to update your blog regularly and feed your audience with new content consistently.

This can be done easily with a blog schedule. Having a blog schedule lets you know when to post what. Also, make sure you stick to the schedule you created. You have no business creating a schedule if you don’t plan on sticking to it and working with it.

Get a mentor or coach

I’m even smiling as I type this point because I never had a coach when I started and I still don’t. I taught myself everything and learned from my mistakes the hard way. But you don’t have to go through that. Find someone who is successful in the field and have him or her mentor or coach you.

Having a mentor or coach will help make your success come a bit faster and help you avoid lots of mistakes. I offer mentorship and coaching services as well. So if you don’t have anyone to turn to for guidance, I am here to assist.

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Blogging is a fun and lucrative venture and I can attest to that. All you need is to put in the work and you’ll surely reap the fruits of your labor. Don’t give up when the going gets though because it won’t be all rosy.

If you found the tips in this post useful, do well to leave a comment below.



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