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YouTube Offers Channel Membership Benefits To Smaller Creators

YouTube Offers Channel Membership

YouTube launched its channel membership feature in June to help creators make money directly from their subscribers instead of relying on ads. This feature upon its inclusion to the platform was available to creators with 100,000 subscribers or more.

In a recent YouTube announcement, it is extending its channel membership benefits to smaller creators. This means creators with 50,000 subscribers or more can also charge their fans $4.99 monthly subscription fee for exclusive access to badges, emojis, and other perks.

Due to new YouTube monetization policies, smaller creators are finding it difficult to thrive on the platform. Others who have had their channels demonetized are also on the verge of losing their sole source of income.

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The Google-owned video-sharing platform, however, believes that this new policy will help smaller creators grow their revenue to over 50% or more as Marble Machine creator Wintergatan did.

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